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David Schjeldahl, Idaho Falls, ID, has a 1965 Falcon Ranchero with a 250 ci six, four-speed (1-2-3-od). The engine has a 260 Comp Cam, an Autolite two-barrel carb, a thoroughly ported and milled '78 head, with larger exhaust valves. Basically, the head has everything in the book done to it. He has a Clifford single outlet header with 2" tail pipe and a Walker Dyno-Max 2 muffler.

Dennis Schjeldahl, Grand Forks, ND, is David's brother. He has a 1960 Ranchero with a 1978 200ci block and head that is ported, milled and stuffed with oversized and undercut valves. The block has been decked and has a Clifford’s Performance 264 cam and dual outlet headers feeding into a two inch dual exhaust with Walker Dyno-Max mufflers. The latest addition is a T-5 tranny adapted to the 2.77 bell housing.
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