Falcon 6 Performance Handbook
Ford SIX Cylinder Performance Forum This forum covers both the big Ford sixes and the small block (Falcon) Ford Sixes. It has areas for engine performance, drive-train modification, high tech stuff, and just friendly B.S.-ing. You can post questions or just read and learn.
Ford Six-Cylinder Resource This site is www.fordsix.com. It provides some ideas for you to consider on how to get started at getting more power out of your Ford six
Inliners International Official Web Site This is the Official Web Site for the Inliners International organization. You can get good tech tips and/or join this great club.
Clifford Performance's Web Site
  • Clifford Performance specializes in performance parts for ALL major brands of SIXES, so you have to search around a little for Ford Six Parts.
  • ALL companies sixes are included.
TFFN (The Ford Falcon News)
  • The Ford Falcon News (TFFN) is both a stand alone web site and an owners forum. If you're interested in the all-Falcon forum go to the Subscribe box in the left hand column.
  • The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) box is an absolutely great place to start doing your reading about Falcons. There is a six-cylinder section in the FAQ that will help any Ford small sixer.
"CLASSIC INLINES" is a GREAT source for our six's hotrod parts.This is THE spot to buy Aussie heads - Headers - Alum. Roller Rockers - Hot Camshafts - Timing Chains - HiPo balancers. All of this AND at better prices than Cliffords offers. CHECK OUT THIS SITE !!
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