How to start your own pixel art? With the use of internet, there are lots of tutorials for beginners which you can find and your stepping stone to become a professional pixel artist someday.

First, you need to know the basic of making a pixel. You have to familiarize the process, its techniques or the terms used in creating one. What type of pixel method you have to use and which category you are comfortable of making. Once you understand the basic process of making pixel arts, you can keep visualizing and try learning more from the tutorials which is very recommendable. There are tutorials which they can offer variety of options base on your capabilities. Get more interesting details about digital art on

Second, you need to choose a pixel editor; a program that enables you to do pixel arts. In the program, you can create graphics base on your own imagination or you can try choosing a model from the selection stored in the program for free use.  Another thing you need to take note is the blending of colors. There are premade palettes stored in the program and some are designed by other artist too. If you want more selections, you can try and check other sites on how to add varieties of colors for the pixel art software.

After you have learned the basic, it is time for you to improve your skills. AthanasseZafirov said that practice is one of the most important steps in enhancing your skills. You should not stop learning new techniques, the more ideas you have means you are improving your artistic side. Another impact that will mold you to become a great artist is to accept critics. It is necessary to receive opinions from others so you would know what needs to be done and what are not.  There are lots of communities for pixel artist that will surely helps you in everything.